Remy Martin V.S.O.P


Vanilla, manuka honey and red berry coulis. Dried figs, banana chips and a touch of spice.


Fine de Cognac

Woody and nutty, with a little sweetness. Develops rounded floral notes, with elements of berries, vanilla spice and plenty of oak later on.

Hennessy Paradise


The nose is rich and deep with notes of spice and fresh flowers and blossom. There are notes of mace and cinnamon, pepper, dried peels and acacia honey. The palate is very full and complex. There are notes of fresh flowers and spice, dried fruits and candied peels. The finish is long and warming and very rounded.

Carlos I Solera Grand Reserva Brandy

Heavily Sherried raisins, chocolate, vanilla and diced almonds.

Vecchia Romagna Brandy

Buttery at first, with notes of vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate and sultana following shortly after.

Nonino Grappa „Chardonnay”

Soft, nutty notes come through clearly, followed by orchard fruit and dark chocolate.

Bottega Grappa „Fumé Barricata di Prosecco”

Candied peels and fruits, creamy vanilla, vinous.